Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Now that I have this blog, a question comes to mind. What do I post here? I will repost what I have written on facebook (probably in a once-per-day queue, in the beginning), but what else? Theology, definitely. Philosophy, probably. Personal things? Maybe. I think I would like to, but I also think it might be best to make a separate blog for that, if I really need to get those things out there. One problem is that sometimes the line between personal and philosophical may blur.

Perhaps for now, it would be best to just post anything. However, since you people pressured me into this, you can suggest things. Do you have a preference as to the content? And are there any particular subjects you would like me to talk about? Suggestions in that area especially might help, since I can't subsist on my facebook posts alone.

Once this blog is further on its way, I may delete this. Until then, please do make suggestions.

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