Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Now that I have this blog, a question comes to mind. What do I post here? I will repost what I have written on facebook (probably in a once-per-day queue, in the beginning), but what else? Theology, definitely. Philosophy, probably. Personal things? Maybe. I think I would like to, but I also think it might be best to make a separate blog for that, if I really need to get those things out there. One problem is that sometimes the line between personal and philosophical may blur.

Perhaps for now, it would be best to just post anything. However, since you people pressured me into this, you can suggest things. Do you have a preference as to the content? And are there any particular subjects you would like me to talk about? Suggestions in that area especially might help, since I can't subsist on my facebook posts alone.

Once this blog is further on its way, I may delete this. Until then, please do make suggestions.

Here we go

It was suggested to me by some friends that I make a blog, for posting my philosophical and theological musings on. Obviously, I have given in to the peer pressure, so for my first post, I want to talk about why I write these things. And also, to some extent, why I don't want to make a blog.

In one sense, I write them for myself. It helps me to clarify and record my thoughts on issues that are troubling me or my friends. Most posts are pretty much written in my head by the time I type them out, but it still helps to solidify it, so to speak. This partly explains why I am nervous about making a blog: they are often quite personal, and I am not entirely comfortable with sharing them in public.

For the most part, however, I write them because they need to be written. Now, I have no great wisdom, no exceptional skills in thinking. I don't believe that anything I say is revolutionary, or even necessarily noteworthy. But I do say them, and I feel that is important. Because there are so many people in this world who, even if they have heard of the Bible, or even were raised as Christians, have no idea of the real beauty and truth of Christianity. It's such an amazing thing, and everyone who knows this love should feel compelled to shout it from the rooftops, to spread God's glorious love, to joyfully make known that they are sinner, but saved. And when I have these thoughts and insights into that truth, however banal they may be, how can I not do my part and share them?

Well, that's actually an easy question to answer. It's because I am scared. I am terrified of the judgements of those who hate the message of the gospel, those to whom Jesus is a stumbling block rather than a foundation. This is the other reason why I do not want to make a blog. Sharing these things on Facebook is easy. People there will, for the most part, agree with me. And when they don't, we can usually remain friends. And it is so much easier to hide the light of the Bible under a basket. It is so simple to preach to the choir, to make my Christianity a private affair that doesn't need to interfere with how others might think of me. My fear overcomes my joy, and so what little truth I can give becomes worthless. And all my words of truth, of the beauty of the Bible and the need to obey its commands, become the shallow platitudes of a hypocrite.

So why am I making this blog, if I'm such a coward? Well, it's not because I gained a sudden burst of courage. This fear is not past tense. But it is a sin, and it is one I need to fight against. In verse 27 of John 14, which is frankly one of the most beautiful passages in the Bible, Jesus commanded his disciples to not let their hearts be troubled, and to not be afraid. This was not a request. It was an order. But He didn't just leave it at that - He gave us a reason to not be afraid. He told us that He spoke with the authority of His Father in heaven - and if God is for us, then who could be against us? Not only that, but He promised that where He went, we would go also. I am afraid, but God is greater than my fear. I can do all things through Him.

So this is me, and this is my blog. I am a coward and a fool, but God uses the weak to shame the strong, and I hope and pray that He will use me. I hope that I will be able to post here regularly, and that whenever I do, I will be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in me, with gentleness and respect.

Oh, and the URL is obviously a Star Trek reference. You can pretend it's referring to the state of being born again if you want, which is the penultimate state before heaven. But it's a nerd thing.